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Welcome to my "Photography is Fun" web page. In the past these pages displayed photography related articles. Now you will see pictures of various cities around the globe plus special effect or images combined with small graphic projects. I guess with most of us gather many great images over time and while there are many sites to display and discuss them, doing so in your own unique way is not always that easy. With this particular image focussed website, the web address plus space were available plus I also find it tremendous fun to design and build the site.

There are many ways to present images, one could add shooting data (exif) to each image, one could briefly discuss each image and more. To simply kick of, I decided to keep things simple and to display images with basic group summaries. Having said that the basic design elements of the website are advanced, for example I make use of the most up to date and current web programming techniques for building this site. One of those techniques are the so called "Responsive" characteristic of the site, banner images can be displayed in full screen size plus banner images will adapt in size to different display units like the iPhone or the iPad. You will therefore enjoy high quality on your PC display, your laptop, iPad or iPhone. Mac users with Retina screens will enjoy the additional resolution build into this site design. The disadvantages are the physical image size I use, in slower internet speed areas folks might notice it takes time to download the images.

I welcome you to visit my different image collections and to enjoy all the images on display. I will be adding new images and collections as I prepare and edit more images. Almost all images on display were edited. I always shoot in RAW, it is very seldom that I use JPEG files straight out the camera. You welcome to contact me via the "Contact me" link found at the bottom of each page and I will do my best to get back to you.


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