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The Beginner Section

This section is written for the first time digital camera owner, the person asking, what software, what are best settings for my camera and more. Digital photography has several surprises to the newcomer and most likely you will quickly learn that your new digital camera requires more than….. well only additional memory cards. What are the really necessary add-ons and what else should you buy in addition to your new camera? We will discuss all these questions in the following short articles.

Realizing that digital photography requires more than just the camera, battery and memory card, typically leaves folk with many questions and challenges, often questions that are never answered or solved. Typical questions are:-

  • Are the supplied software all I need or is it any good?
  • Should I edit my images, or can I use my JPEG images "Out the Camera"?
  • Is it better to shoot RAW and what is the difference?
  • What is dynamic range (DR)?
  • What is workflow?

In this section I prepared a few articles which I believe will guide the first time user to a better understanding of digital photography and what really are required to get the most out of it. It is also a good way of sitting back and review your next purchase. For example often people think buying a more expensive SLR body will improve image quality. There are merits in buying a more expensive body but in most cases a higher grade lens will have a more profound impact on image quality. You are welcome to give me feedback on the "Getting Started Section" and I am happy to add information or new ideas to this section.
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The above image is a great example of what the challenge really is for so many photographers switching from analog to digital. You bought your fist digital camera or you have recently upgraded to a better type mirror-less high end compact camera and the images you get from the camera is not as good as you expected them to be. Newcomers often refer to the washed-out look of digital images. The colors is not good, the detail lack and the images just look flat. This is when many people turn to forums for help. Sad thing is the advice one typically get from forums are in most cases just not the best advice. My own experience taught me that the faceless forum community generally do not answer question, instead one see things like, "go search….has been answered", "I don't own the camera, but…….", "Oh that is absolutely crap….." and on and on the examples go.

The above image was taken with the Olympus E30 digital SLR camera. The image was taken in RAW. I have put it through my typical post processing steps and as you can see the color, the image detail plus the general contrast of the image is nicely balanced.

I used Photoshop Elements 8 to prepare the image for this article.