Micro Four-Thirds Friendly Website

The next few pages are filled with equipment information I find interesting and worth talking about at he time. If you really searching detailed product information, my advice is go to one of the many camera review websites available on the web. I do buy and sell equipment myself, mainly to gain some first hand experience myself. It helps me to better write on the subject and to be more neutral. To date I mainly tested and tried three brands, Canon, Olympus and Panasonic. My preference is more towards Olympus gear, simply because I think Olympus offer the best package value in the affordable to mid camera range.

Unfortunately I do not buy and sell the latest gear, it is just to expensive plus difficult to make a profit on when selling again. I am typically one generation behind. For example today the E-M5 from Olympus is most probably the most popular high end m43 camera. At the same time the GH3 from Panasonic has just been launched. I did get the E-M5 when it first were released, I did not buy the GH3, instead I just tested and sold a secondhand GH2 from Panasonic.

One of the most exciting developments we witnessed in 2012 were very advanced new sensor technologies introduced with cameras like the E-M5 and the later E-PL5 from Olympus. These are high density pixel sensors and different to the past they are absolute top performers. In my own opinion I think the high pixel count sensor used in the GH2 were what we were getting use to in the past, yes the pixel count increased but so did the artifacts like noise, poor dynamic range and more. If compared to the 12MP sensor used in the E-P3 from Olympus the higher resolution sensor in the GH2 did not always convinced. What we see today in cameras like the G3 from Panasonic, the E-M5 and most probably the new GH3 are completely different types of high density recoding devices.

I hope you enjoy these pages, keep on watching them because I keep on adding information as I get time to do so…..