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The 2 images were taken with the E-M5 plus 12 - 50mm Kit Lens

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The above two images are examples of what the digital 2X tele-converter does. When active, the camera zoom into the center part of the image and enlarge the image with a ratio of two. The resulting image is not at the full resolution of a normal E-M5 image. I will for example not use this function on critical images. For casual images and for smaller prints or the web work the resolution is perfectly OK. I programmed the Fn 2 button (P93/94) on my E-M5 to activate the digital 2x tele-converter. If you followed my article on the basic E-M5 setup then you will know we already assigned the 2x tele-converter to Fn-2.

Lets have a look at what this 2x tele-converter does for us in day to day life. We assigned the function to the function button F-n2 and all we need to do is to press the function button F-n2 when we need the function. When not activated the camera will function like normal and when you press F-n2 the camera will be like a camera fitted with a 2 times converter. To go back to normal mode, press F-n2 again.

The nice thing about using the tele-converter option and to assign it to F-n2 is that any lens now has a 2 times reach. My new 12 - 50mm lens now is a 12 to 100mm lens and my 14 to 150 a 14 - 300mm lens. In fact one has more than what I just listed. If I use the new 12 - 50mm in macro mode then one has the option to activate the macro function in full zoom or the 50mm position. Then one has the option to use it with or without tele-zoom. With tele-zoom it is a 100mm macro and without tele-zoom it is a 50mm macro lens.

It is so much fun to have the tele-converter linked to F-n2 that it can become addictive. Today I will be lost without it.