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Personally I do not do much video with my E-M5. This basically makes the video button redundant or I could program the video record button to have a different function. The "basic" E-M5 configuration I discussed in the basic camera set-up page does support the large histogram screen as seen below. I did however found that it was not easy or quick to activate the large image histogram as seen below. While this is correct it was still possible to use or activate the smaller image curves function as seen in the article I wrote on the E-PL2. This E-PL2 style curves function was the first real curves function I saw in any digital camera. I have not seen this function in any other camera to date.

How to activate the small image curves function?

To activate the E-PL2 style or small image curves function do the following steps while in normal shooting mode. Press the "Up Arrow" button on the back of the camera and you will see small little yellow arrows appear above the exposure settings on the camera screen. Next press the "Info" button. This will activate the curves function and you will see a small curves image on the bottom right of the camera screen. Using any of the adjustment dials will adjust the shadows plus or minus. To adjust the highlights press the info button a second time. To finish press the shutter halfway or the OK button.

How to activate the large image curves function as seen in figure 1& 2

The best way preparing the camera or my personal preference was to give the video record button a new function. I assigned the "Multi Function" operation to the video button. Multi function assigns 4 different functions to the video button, they are, Highlight / Shadow (histogram) function plus WB plus Multiply and finally Image Aspect Ratio. To activate any one of these 4 functions you need to press the video button and at the same time turn any of the two adjustment dials. The moment the dial turns you will see a selection table on the screen with the 4 functions. Keep on turning until the shadows / highlight function is selected and release the video button. The video button now has the highlights / shadows function assigned to it. To select another one of the 4 functions repeat the steps until the new function you want are selected. If you now press the "old" video button, the curves function large image will activate. The left dial will adjust the shadows and the right dial the highlights. There are no better and more correct way of adjusting these two parameters. The buttons on my E-M5 are currently programmed for the following functions:-

- Video Button assigned to "Multi Function"
- Button Fn-1 is now my Video Button
- Button F-n2 is my 2x Tele Converter
- The arrow keys were set to " Direct Function"
- Right Arrow to ISO
- Bottom arrow to Shooting Mode (Timer/single frame ext.)
- Button Lf-1 on the 12 - 50mm lens to MF

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