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Great Links on the E-M5

On this page I will place all the different pieces of information I find on the web or what people send me. Information that could be of interest to the E-M5 owner. If you find something you think could be of interest to the community then pleas let me know and I am more than happy to place it here. If you do not know my mail address see the contact me button on the site or leave me a PM in the forum.

Top Links for January 2013 on the E-M5

Great article on Sports photography with M43 and the E-M5
Robert Wong has great reviews and info on MFT Cameras

DPReview - E-M5 Firmware Update which List for August 2012
Olympus US website with great Q&A section on the E-M5
Great review on the 75mm Olympus Pro lens

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Camera of the year 2012

DPReview readers selected the OM-D model E-M5 from Olympus as camera of the year 2012. This is an significant achievement because the E-M5 has become the MFT camera of choice amongst Nikon and Canon owners that would previously not consider Olympus. See the DPReview report.

The German camera magazine "Foto Video" has also selected the E-M5 as camera of the year, so did the E-M5 also reached this status in Japan.

Interesting Links:-

1. This is a interesting link to a page with lots of relevant links on Olympus Micro Four-Thirds cameras including the E-M5
2. Absolutely great information on M43 image quality plus more, great read
3. Four Thirds User is also a great place for information
4. Flickr E-M5 group
5. Special info on hard reset and special codes on the E-M5
6. How many images taken with the E-M5
7. Exposure - Expose to the Right - see article on PekkaPodka
8. Exposure plus white balance - See UniWB technique discussed by Gollywop on DPReview
9. PekkaPodka is a site with great information for the M43 enthusiast
10. RawDigger for more info on your RAW files
11. Huelight profiles for Lightroom 4
12. Read Peter Frailey Blog - he has several articles on the E-M5
13. Sans Mirror is a site with much info on 43M camera equipment
14. M43 Photo Blogspot has great information on M43 gear
15. Getting the most out your E-M5 by DPReview
16. Steve Huff Photo with great info plus images
17. Aleo Photography Blog has many interesting articles on M43 and more
18. Almost anything you like to ask, you will find the answer here
19. Michael Gakuran has a excellent site plus user report on the E-M5 - worth reading!!
20. New site called 4ThirdsImages - worth a visit
21. Awesome info on You-Tube - GetOlympus shows the E-M5
22. Louis Dobson a respected forum member at DPReview - great input plus images
23. Another interesting view on the E-M5 plus excellent images - Buchan Grant
24. Interesting page with information on sensors
25. If you want more info on "Equivalence" or DOF then go see this link
26. Want something different, go see the Random Photographer Blog
27. Gary Ayton's Photography Website is another comprehensive E-M5 information source
28. Awesome site with both Photoshop and E-M5 information in one
29. KAZA Bags specially made for the E-M5
30. Stunning bags from Zelenpol, website not great though
31. Gariz is another top end bag manufacturer to consider
32. The Gadget Guy info on the E-M5
33. Lensmate has always been a great site for camera gear
34. All about different camera straps
35. More Camera Straps to choose from
36. The Online Photographer talking about the E-M5
37. Tyson Robichaud Photo-Blography - Great visit worth doing….
38. Abtin Eshraghi street photography
38. Micro For Thirds DOF interactive chart
39. Creative and interesting M43 dedicated site

Olympus based OM-D Websites

1. Olympus cameras Users Manuals including that of the E-M5
2. Olympus own Micro Four-Thirds website with excellent information
3. Olympus Asia (Japan) website with information on the OM-D range
4. Great Olympus site showing the OM-D based in Asia
5. Must see Press Release for anybody interested in the O-MD
6. US site for Olympus with great info - must see
7. Great OM-D site in Australia
8. Brayn Rycyk a Olympus technical runs excellent videos on the E-M5 and others
9. Olympus US website has a great Q&A section

Rumors and News on Camera Gear plus M43 cameras

1. Photo Rumors - new site for me but interesting
2. M43 Rumors Site with good info on new stuff coming.
3. Mirrorless Rumors
4. PetaPixel followed the OM-D from its inception
5. FourthirdsRumors is another interesting news service
6. Thenewcamera is yet another news service
7. Photography Review offers an interesting news section
8. DPReview is always fast with news plus selective showing reliable info
9. Techradar has always been good for all electronics

Reviews on the E-M5

1. DPReview gave the E-M5 a Gold Award
2. Steve Huff's review on the E-M5
3. Review done by The Verge
4. Review done by Engadget
5. Initial notes by Mirrorless World
6. Great review from EphotoZone on the E-M5
7. Kirk Tuck gives his views on the E-M5
8. Another of Kirk Tuck's stories on the E-M5
9. CSCRumers comments on review
10. Macworld gives the E-M5 thumbs up
11. Online Photographer first Notes
12. Imaging Resource comprehensive review of the E-M5
13. TechRadar review of the E-M5
14. Photography Blog concludes - E-M5 is the best CSC to date
15. Trusted Review gives E-M5 high of 9/10
16. DigicamReviews has a number of E-M5 review links
17. Otest has 16 more tests listed
18. Great You-Tube review by Greekanoids
19. Digital Camera World review on You-Tube
20. Great video plus write-up on E-M5
21. DCResource review of the E-M5
22. Image Resource with many test images
23. Editors Choice for the new 12 - 50 mm Olympus lens
24. Great review by SimplyRobin on the 75mm lens
25. PhotoReview gives Editor Choice to E-M5
26. Digital Camera Review also gives Editors Choice Award
27. Photo.Net review on the E-M5
28. Digital Camera Info with a detailed review on the E-M5
29. CameraLabs excellent comprehensive review on the E-M5
30. Focus from the Netherlands review on the E-M5
31. Frugal Filmakers review on the E-M5
32. Admiring Light did a great review on the 75 mm Pro lens
33. User review of the 75mm Olympus mft lens
34. ePhotozone review on 12 - 50mm lens
35. Steve Huff review of the 12 - 50mm lens
36. Review of 12 - 50mm in DigitalKamera.de
37. PhotographyBlog review on the 12 - 50mm lens
38. M43Blog also list a long list of E-M5 plus 12 - 50mm reviews

Information on lenses one can use with M43 cameras

1. Olympus own page with information on M43 lenses
2. Wrotniak a well known Olympus site with information on 4-Thirds lenses
3. Wikipedia information on Micro Four-Thirds lenses
4. Extensive information on legacy OM lenses for those seeking excitement
5. Olympus information on its older range 43 lenses - Roadmap
6. Marty4650 on DPReview has an interesting lens summary
7. SLR Gear has several reviews on M43 lenses.
8. DPReview preview on the new 12 - 35mm Lumix Lens
9. 12 - 50mm Kit lens win Editors Choice award at PhotoReview

E-M5 User Websites or Image Showcase

1. Photography by Tim Tardio
2. Dan's E-M5 image gallery
3. Dil Roberts has some great images and info on M43
4. rob van keulen has some great examples with his E-M5
5. Some excellent images by Jon Schick
6. See Travisimo's images on the G3 plus the E-M5
7. Collin Orthner has a extremely interesting site with great images
8. Jon called his site OpenBloom
9. Kai Larson Hobby Blog with interesting info plus images
10. Bob Tullis has some excellent E-M5 images ……
11. Jean Pierre Martel has a Blog in French with lots of E-M5 images plus info-
12. Frank Brault from the US E-M5 images in an inspiration to look at….
14. If you look for inspiration on B&W images then go see the E-M5 work of Richard Souders
15. Trevor Nash with his E-P3 and E3 Gallery
16. See the fascinating work of a true photographer and be inspired - thank you acahaya
17. Richard Higgs provided 2 links, first is a E-M5 image library and 2nd the 25mm f1,4 Leica
18. Montoablasa gave the following link of his E-M5 work.
19. Marcus Axlund provided some exciting landscape images
20. Micheal Gakuran (see above user report) plus lots of images to enjoy
21. Rocky Pesik push the E-M5 hard - see his excellent results
22. Rocky Pesik shows Macro work plus more macro plus close-up all with the E-M5
23. Stunning images in New York - Steven Wandy with his E-M5
24. Tommiejeep has a awesome image collection on Birds, Animals plus E-M5 work
25. Kweide Wonderland offer some really outstanding images to enjoy
26. Robert Wong has a interesting website with lots of info on the E-M5
27. SteveG Photography with some excellent images
28. Roel Hendriks known as master with Olympus cameras - great images
29. Joesin Wedding Photography
30. Peleng with various interesting articles related to M43
31. Buchan Grant loves his OM-D has great info plus images
32. The Random Photographer Blog
33. Paul Vancouver has 2 very interesting sites, Panorama & PBase
34. Frank Brault E-M5 Images - great collection
35. Another interesting E-M5 Blog to go look at…..

General information on InfraRed (IR) Photography

1. Spencers Camera is an interesting website with lots of information on IR Photography
2. Another excellent source on IR photography - LifePixel
3. How to edit pictures taken with an IR filter plus a free Photoshop action

Underwater Photography with the E-M5

1. Nauticam for underwater camera covers
2. Reef Photo and Video on underwater photography
3. Cameras Underwater for more info on E-M5 Housings
4. Nauticam USA with lots of interesting articles
5. Underwater Photography Guide

Interesting discussions on DPReview on the E-M5

1. E-M5 settings for using legacy lenses for stills and video by Erik
2. NZ Scott talks about interesting alternatives wrt fisheye photography
3. Dandelion Chip IBIS and legacy macro lenses - see information
4. The 2 Triangles of Photography by Almaric
5. Macx with general Tip and Tricks on the E-M5
6. Paul de Bra talks about the usability of the new 12 - 50mm kit lens as macro lens
7. Detail Man onto one of his many interesting discussions - CDAF and contrast focus
8. Roel Hendriks does Black & White
9. texinwien on DPR pointed to this interesting noise comparison E-M5/GX1/G3
10. Louis Dobson gives different perspective on 2 sides of Photography
11. Martin Ocando asks if Video will kill Stills
12. Dangit shows his ultimate video settup
13. Dunkreid compares older 50mm Oly Macro with 12 - 50mm in Macro
14. RichieS asks info on ultralight ball heads
15. RicksAstro compares E-M5 DR with that of GH2
16. Tedolf gives peak into low budget wedding photography
17. Maxc calculates DOP for M43 lenses
18. Tony in Japan talks about the HLD-6 grip for the E-M5
19. Gollywob has interesting discussion going on WB & color space
20. Bob Tullis shows how to use EVF to review images with E-M5
21. Dafus talks about Macro with different lenses
22. Marty gives interesting comparison between E-P3 and the E-M5
23. Erik talk about his preferred button setup on the E-M5
24. TORN gives really interesting info on the E-M5 great functions
25. AdventSam shows how to extend 14mm prime to 11mm WA
26. MTMT start great discussion in using the Histogram on the E-M5
27. Gollywob explains step by step how to create a UniWB
28. Henry Richardson claims we replaced by software
29. Marty did an excellent lens plus m43 body summary
30. Mabris talking about Macro options
31. James A Rinner gives interesting comparison between 12 - 50/12 - 60
32. Don Parrot tests C-AF on the E-M5
33. rrr-hhh shows interesting image with different lenses FOV
34. James A Rinner with 2nd test on above 2 lenses
35. Paul de Bra keeps on testing with the same three - interesting data
36. Dan Leffel asks how long does the E-M5 battery lasts
37. Argeogeolab gives comprehensive E-M5 settings for LR 4,1 presets
38. Lious Dobson talks about E-M5 traps he discovers
39. BarJohn shows great comparison between E-M5 and X-Pro-1
40. Moonlight Knight gives great info on CS Card performance
41. Raist gives great E-M5 first impressions
42. TexinWien talks about E-M5 pleasant noise structure in images
42. Gollywob does the right thing - creates color profiles
43. Gollywob on baseline exposure using uniwb
44. TriggerHappy we need new examples now that we know the truth
45. Mark Chan gives important info on default WB plus IS in burst mode
46. CBRan shows interesting pictures with E-M5 plus 70 - 300mm Panny lens
47. Mark Chan comments on using the new FL600R flash
48. Mark Chan testing the FL600R with Flash Bracket on the E-M5
49. Don Parrot test E-M5 with CAF - great images
50. Mark Chan promising to do the plates every night - so much for VIDEO
51. Timur Born is discussing video focussing tricks with the E-M5
52. Peter F sharing interesting settings plus info on E-M5 in use
53. Spectacle 2 talks about best lens choice for the E-M5
54. Raist talks about a E-M5 excellent DR plus Short Impressions
55. Tremor16 first impressions of E-M5
56. Otz Bodkins gives a health report using the E-M5
57. Travis gives full report after one with E-M5
58. Gid Ferrer does InfraRed with the E-M5
59. TexinWien did a interesting comparison, GX1, GH2 and OM-D
60. Similar comparison as above by TechRadar
61. Jonas started a firmware bug post on DPR with interesting info
62. Thomas Niemann presents very interesting case against increasing ISO
63. 75 - 300mm Olympus lens is clearly a great lens
64. Get the E-M5 to switch to Super Control Panel - SCP
65. Travis on OM-D with 25mm - final word on rattlesnake!
66. What is Rattlesnake plus additional Info
67. Detailed workflow discussion on DxO by Detail Man (DM)
68. Richard Higgs added a really interesting extension to the adj dail
69. Greg talks about the digital converter on the E-M5 plus images
70. Paul from Vancouver posted a list with E-M5 codes listing unique E-M5 data
71. Don Parrot gives exciting news on tracking after the latest E-M5 upgrade
72. See the J Milich Grip for the E-M5
73. James A Rinner talks about third party batteries
74. Moonline Night compares the 12 - 50 Macro with Panny 45 Macro
75. Maxc gives updated Tips and Tricks on E-M5
76. E-M5 firmware update which list - August 2012 version
77. This guy shows what IBIS can make him achieve with the E-M5
78. Interesting test shots of different lenses used at 14mm

General Photography Knowledge

1. Wikipedia page on Macro Photography
2. Question on DPReview on extension rings plus more on MACRO Photography