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Olympus E-PL5 Camera

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I think one can safely call this one the mini E-M5, it has the same 16MP sensor, FAST AF technology, 8fps frame rate, similar movie capability as seen in the E-M5 and interesting new art filters. The E-PL5 now has 12 ART Filters!! There are many more copy paste functions taken from the E-M5 and build into the E-PL5. I briefly tried the E-PL5 in the shop while back. One of the things that really impressed me was the solid feel the new E-PL5 has. I owned the E-PL3 for a short while, mainly to test and try and I were not impressed. Yes it had all the whistles and bells one would expect from a PEN series camera, the problem was it did not feel right. The shutter has a cheap and clunky sound, it did not feel good in the hand and it lost its "E-PL2" type identity.

Olympus seem to have corrected that with the new E-PL5. The add-on grip is more than welcome, the shape and feel of the camera has build on the good base the E-PL2 created and the E-PL5 now feels good in the hand again.

The key difference between the E-M5 and the E-PL2 is build, weather sealing, pro like handling and stabilization technology. The E-M5 uses a class leading technology that has the sensor really hanging in space inside a magnetic field. It is extremely responsive and effective. The E-PL5 uses the tried and tested mechanical IS system used in the E-P3 and other PEN cameras. It is also extremely good and effective but different. Main thing is all lenses benefits from the stabilization in these cameras.

If I were not an E-M5 owner I would not think twice to get the E-PL5. As an E-M5 owner I would rather consider the new XZ-2 compact camera. Getting back to the new E-PL5, I was happy to see Olympus has build the 8 fps frame-rate into the E-PL5. I hardly ever use a tripod for HDR images anymore. With this high frame rate one only needs to place the EVF carefully against one's eyebrow for additional stability and then shoot away with 5 or 7 bracketed images. Most HDR software packages has no problem working with a series of "HDR" images taken this way.

One really interesting point I saw in the launch documentation was the addition of a special single point AF frame in the E-PL5. This has been a real problem with the E-M5 and today I personally use the 3x3 target AF frame setup in my E-M5 and when specific accuracy is required I switch to the zoom target AF frame mode with the E-M5, not always the best way of doing things…..

There are much more to say about this great new addition to the PEN family, just makes me wonder what the new E-P5 will look like…….